An Introduction to Miami SEO

SEO can be a confusing endeavor for the majority of people. Even numerous so-called-experts can have a difficult time keeping a website at the top of the online search engine.

… the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in an effort to bring you the most pertinent site listings for your search inquiry. Search engines likewise alter their algorithms to remain ahead of the dishonest business that quickly find out how to control the search results page.

As quickly as the search engines change the method they note websites, there are dishonest people who go right to work aiming to determine the best ways to cheat the system.

These individuals are utilizing what's known as "Black Hat SEO" and if you are attempting to run a genuine website, stay away from them at all cost! Sure your site will get a high listing rather rapidly utilizing black hat methods, however as quickly as the online search engine determine what you're doing, they will likely ban your website from their listings altogether (permanently). And eventually, they will figure it out.

2nd … There's a lot of misnomers about exactly what's more important when it pertains to SEO. Some so called SEO experts will have you believe page rank is the most essential thing when it concerns browse engine listings. This is just not true.

Page rank (or Google PR) is one important factor when it pertains to ranking a website for the online search engine, but SERPs (or Browse Engine Results Page) is what actually counts.

" Page Rank" is Google's method of putting a number to the authority of a site. If they think your site is very important, they'll provide you a greater PR.

But it does not suggest the authority of your website will get you indexed for you main keywords.

There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of sites that have a low page rank, but are noted on the first page of the significant search engines (including Google), for some top keywords. By contrast, there are just as numerous high PR ranking websites, that are buried in "no mans land" when it concerns the search engines (including Google).

The other major search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and hundreds of smaller search engines) don't actually care about your "Google Page Rank" at all. They just appreciate providing their visitors relevant search results page.

So ask yourself this … would you rather have a low Google PR of 1 or 2, and be noted on the very first page of the search engine result? Or would you rather have a high PR of 5 or 6, and be listed on the tenth page of the search results, where no one will ever find you.? I believe the response is apparent.

Among the websites I developed for my other Red Rain SEO online company, hasn't had a Google PR of more than 2 for the last 4 years (considering that it's been live on the web). It has actually been on the very first page of ALL significant search engines (for my main keywords) for 3 1/2 of those 4 years. I'll take the low PR and keep the high listing any day of the week.

What about this "Alexa Rank" I've become aware of?

Alexa rank is expected to be a sign of what does it cost? traffic a site gets. The lower the number … the more visitors a site is getting. If your Alexa rank is 50,000 it's supposed to imply (out of the countless websites on the web) your site is the 50,000 th most popular website there is.

If your website has an Alexa rank of 2,000,000 then your website is just the 2,000,000 th most popular site on the internet.

Here's the fact … Alexa ranking is NOT an acurate procedure! It just signs up sites that are checked out by individuals who have the Alexa toolbar set up in their web browsers (primarily SEO business and web designers) So it does not count real visitors to a website.

Here's a fact that showed this truth to me …

I currently have a lots websites I keep, and I regularly inspect the traffic stats on all of them (like every excellent web designer ought to).

One of my sites has an Alexa ranking of 171,246 (respectable … right?) Another has an Alexa rank of 4,276,996 (which is poor) But inning accordance with my evaluating stats (I cross referral Google Analytics with AWstats and a couple other programs, to obtain a more accurate fact) The one with the much better Alexa rank is only getting around 40 to 50 visitors a day, however the one with the even worse Alexa rank is seeing over 400 visitors a day.

Exactly what does this inform us?

It tells us the one with the higher rank is being gone to by a couple of individuals who have the Alexa toolbar installed (and the toolbar is sending out statistics back to Alexa) However the website that's in fact doing much better is being gone to by genuine individuals who don't discover it necessary to have Alexa monitor their searching habits.

A lot of SEO companies will use the Alexa rank to reveal their customers "proof" that they're earning their money. (" see, your Alexa rank has actually increased … so keep paying me") However remember this … Alexa rank is NO indication of how well a site is really doing!

So, what gets your site listed on the first couple pages of the search engines? In a word … "Pertinent Content" (O.K. in 2 words).

Online search engine are just worried with showing relevant search engine result for a persons "keyword search question". Search engines make their cash by revealing their advertisements to as lots of people as possible, and having as numerous individuals as possible clicking those sponsored listings.

If their search engine result are ineffective to their visitors, individuals will stop using their online search engine, and begin utilizing a various search engine. No visitors … no profits for the search engine.

So while there are a variety of essential methods you require to utilize for a greater search listing (back links, internal connecting, proper meta tags and keyword portion, to name a couple of) Remember … pertinent material is king! And as the search engines become more advanced, appropriate content on your site will only continue to become more vital.

There are also numerous other aspects that contribute in getting your website listed at the top of the online search engine. It takes consistent effort and consistent finding out to keep up with the ever altering algorithms of the search engines, and a quality SEO person (or business) will continue to discover and stay up to date with the modifications.

Keep in mind … there are no "secret" methods for getting a high search engine listing. If you're talking with an SEO business, and they won't tell you their approaches for increasing your website's listing (because they state it's "proprietary info") then I suggest instantly finding somebody else to talk with about your website's SEO.

A quality (and honest) SEO company ought to have no problem informing you exactly what techniques they will utilize to increase your site's direct exposure on the online search engine. So prior to you provide anyone (or any business) your loan, there are a few questions you ought to ask initially …

9 Important concerns to ask your SEO business PRIOR TO you hire them!

And yes, SEO is something you can efficiently do yourself, but it does take a lot of time and effort, and many entrepreneur have much better things to invest their time on. That's why you hire an SEO business … to do the work for you. They provide a service, and you pay them for that service.